Multi-location inventory

For products that have inventory across multiple locations, there are two ways Multipacks handles the inventory level adjustments.

  1. Spread the inventory level adjustments across all locations. ie. if there is a bundle product 2-pack (2 of each product) in locations A and B with quantities of 101 and 11 respectively, the inventory level of the parent will be (101 + 11) / 2 = 112 / 2 = 56
  2. Obey physical inventory limits at each location. Using the sample bundle product above and enabling the Obey multi-location physical inventory limits. We would have parent quantities of 101 / 2 = 50 at location A and 11 / 2 = 5 at location B

Obey multi-location physical inventory limits are disabled by default. To enable/disable it go to Preferences.

Preferences screen

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