Bulk import bundles and multipacks

To bulk import bundles and multipacks, download the following template csv file:


The template contains the following headers:

Parent SKU, Child SKU, Quantity

With the following scenarios as examples,

Example 1:

A multipack with SKU: CDM-UT-4 as the parent, and you want 4 quantities of CDM-UT-1. Line 1 of the template demonstrates how to set that up.

Example 2:

A bundle with SKU: CDM-UT-2 as the parent, and you want 2 items of CDM-UT-1 and CDM-EB-1. Lines 2 and 3 in the file shows the example of that.

Once you've filled up the csv, send us the file via email at help@hyvelabs.co, and we can load that in for you!

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