Generating A New Article

Creating a new article is as easy as A-B-C, or rather, G-P-T!

Simply click on the "Generate New Article" button on the Articles screen.

This will pop up the "Generate Article" modal.

Article Topic / Title

The article topic or title you want the AI to generate content for.

This can be in any language, not just English.

Article Length The length of the article the AI will generate.
Article Tone The tone of the article - professional, informational, funny, casual or enthusiastic.
Post to Blog If you have multiple blogs on Shopify, you can select which blog to post the generated article to.
Post Publish Status

You can select Hidden (ie. Draft) or Visible (ie. Publish Immediately).

We recommend setting it to Hidden so you are able to edit the article and add any necessary (feature) images.

Once you're selected what you require, hit the "Generate" button and the AI will start working its magic.

This can take 2-3 minutes to generate but in most cases, it will be done in 1 minute.

At this point, you can close the modal which will take you back to the main "Articles" listing screen. The new article will show up once it's been generated.

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