Set up your store's Medium integration

Step 1 - Connect to Medium

To connect your store to Medium and start posting articles from Shopify, you will need to obtain your Medium account's integration token via the following steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Under "Integration tokens", select "Create an integration token".
  3. Copy and paste that token in the "Medium integration token" text box in the "Configuration" screen.
  4. Hit "Save".
  5. Your Medium username will be populated in the "Medium Username" box automatically.

Medium integration token

Step 2 - Medium Post Defaults

When posting to Medium from Shopify, you can set a couple of defaults for all articles.

Medium Post Defaults

Post Status

You can set this to either Draft, Public or Private / Unlisted.


Medium has a limit of 12 Public posts a day. You can post unlimited number of Draft and Private posts.

Canonical URL of Medium article

You can choose to use the Shopify blog article URL as the canonical for the Medium article, or simply not to specify a canonical URL.

To learn more about canonical URLs, you can refer to this document published by Google:


If you're looking to improve the SEO of your Shopify store, we recommend that you use the Shopify blog article URL as the canonical.

Add link back in Medium to the original shop article

You can choose to add a link back to the original shop article at the bottom of the Medium article. It will show up as "Originally published in <Your Store Name>" which would link back to your original article.

Step 3 - Auto syncing

If you're on the "Premium" plan, you can enable auto syncing so you don't have to manually post articles from Shopify to Medium.

The app will do it automatically once you have posted your article on Shopify.

Auto syncing to Medium

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