Posting Refunds to a Separate Account

Post to Xero has the ability for you to post Refunds to a separate account for better tracking of returns and refunds.

To enable this, go to the "Setup - Xero" screen in your Post to Xero app.

Under "Default Settings", you have the option to either:

  1. "Use the original Sales / Revenue Account from the Order", which will just post the refund back to the original Sales account from the order, essentially negating the value in that account.
  2. "Use a specific Refunds Account", which you can then specify the Refunds account you want the refund amount to be posted to.

By selecting "Use a specific Refunds Account" and the account you want the refund posted to, the refund will go to your specified Refunds account and the original sales account doesn't get touched.

This is useful for tracking Refunds separately to Sales in your P&L.

If you're unsure of this setting, it's always worth talking to your accountant to see if this option is the right option for you.

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