Setup Product Specific Xero Accounts

By default, all orders from Shopify will be posted to Xero based on what the default revenue account set up is from the "Setup - Xero" screen.

More information on setting this up is available here.

Setup Xero - Default Settings

This is also replicated in the "Setup - Products" screen.

Setup Products - Default Revenue Account

You may however choose to split out certain products or product types to different Xero accounts.

Set up Product Mapping


You're an e-comm merchant selling Sandals.

One of your best selling items are Double Pluggers, and you'd like to capture that separately in your accounts.

To set up a specific product mapping, in the "Setup - Products" screen, under "Product Mapping", click on the "Add Product Mapping" button.

Product Mapping

A pop-up will appear with a list of products you have in your store. Select the product you'd like to add a new mapping for and hit "Add".

Select the Xero account you'd want orders of that product from Shopify to get posted into.

Once you've selected the Xero account, hit the "Save All" button at the bottom of your screen to save the new mapping.

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