Post to Medium

Auto Sync

If you're on the "Premium" plan, you can set up auto-sync so that articles get posted to Medium automatically without any manual intervention.

To do so, go to the "Configuration" screen and enable the auto-sync setting.

Auto syncing

The text should then say "This setting is enabled" once it's been enabled.

Manual Posting

To manually post an article from Shopify to Medium, go to the "Post to Medium" screen.

Select the relevant blog in the drop-down (only applicable if you've set up multiple blogs in Shopify).

Double-check the default status of the article (either Draft, Public, Private). You can change this in the "Configuration" screen.

Once the list of articles show up, there are 2 ways to post to Medium:

  1. Click the "Post Now" button on the right of each article,

Post single article

  1. Select a single article or multiple articles, and click on the "Post selected to Medium" button on the top.

Post multiple articles

Once the article/s have been posted, the Post Status will show "Synced".

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