Override Xero Item Codes for Specific Products

This page is an extension of: Tracking COGS and Inventory.

Matching Product SKUs in Shopify with Xero Item Codes

If you'd like to use Xero to track COGS and Inventory, you will want to enable "Match Product SKUs". This setting can be found in the "Setup - Xero" or "Setup - Products" screens.

Override Xero Item Codes for Specific Products

Enabling "Match Product SKUs" will automatically match Product SKUs in Shopify with Item Codes in Xero.

However, there may be instances where you have multiple SKUs in Shopify but want them all mapped to the same Item Code in Xero.


You're an e-comm merchant selling Sandals.

One of your best selling items are Double Pluggers and in Shopify you have set up multiple variants with different SKUs per size (eg. DP-NAVY-6, DP-NAVY-7, DP-NAVY-8 etc.)

However, in Xero, you only have 1 item called "Double Pluggers" and you want all the variants in Shopify to map back to this single item in Xero.

To do so, navigate to the "Setup - Products" page in the Post to Xero app.

Under the "Product Mapping Override" section, you can add a new Product Mapping.

In the example given above, the Xero item code is "DPLUG-NAVY".

In the Post to Xero app under the "Product Mapping Override" section, enter the Xero Item Code you want all the variants of the product to.

Hit "Save" to save the new item code override.

Going forward, all variants for the Double Pluggers product will be mapped to the Xero item "DPLUG-NAVY".

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